Monday, February 18, 2013

So This Blog...

This isn’t a blog about fashion (a topic of which i know little of), or food (a topic of which I regretfully know too much of). This won’t help you save money or point you in the promising direction of the latest and greatest online deal (like a Black & Decker 10C Food Processor powered by a 500W motor for only 15 bucks at say whatttttttt?!?) Nor will this blog give you superior enrichment in some buddah-licious, ghandi-tricious way. Nothing extraordinary happens... unless I tell you about that one time I slapped Matt Damon’s butt-- and yes (to answer your question) the hand which dealt the blow is still securely saran-wrapped to this day. 

More than anything else, this is just a tiny cobweby corner of cyberspace where I can write down the daily debacles of my so-called life in order for me to remember them when I am undoubtedly senile by the age of 40.  So if that kinda thing floats your boat or steams your peas then welcome aboard matey, this captain’s ready to set sail. (And if those cringe-inducing nautical references didn’t just scare you away, then you’ve proven yourself strong enough for what’s to come.)


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