Monday, March 10, 2014


A word to those who are growing up and losing their childhood to an era ruled by social media:
  • Stop posting videos that make disrespecting strangers look like the cool/trending thing to do.
  • Stop making up dance moves that boost your "swag" but demolish your self respect.
  • Stop believing that the number of followers you have dictates your self worth.
  • Stop idolizing people who got famous 6 seconds at a time off an iPhone app.
  • Stop being so desperately available with sexual comments to people you've never even met.
  • Stop complaining about how much you hate school and realize getting an education is a privilege denied to many.
  • Stop being cruel to others and disguising it as "honesty".
  • Stop hashtagging "no filter" as if posting a picture of yourself as you truly look is an achievement.
  • And most importantly- stop believing that cutting someone down by typing out a few harsh words on a keyboard 100 miles away is a brave act in any way, shape, or form.

It's time to stop littering your legacy for the sake of social media.

Hashtag: rant over

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